Caring for your Microfibrre

  • Use a non-biological detergent that does not contain optical brighteners, bleaching agents or enzymes
  • Do not use fabric conditioner.  There is no need and it can reduce the breathability and absorbency
  • Cold or cool wash at a maximum of 30 deg C on a gentle cycle
  • Wash dark colours separately for the first few washes as some colour leaching can occur
  • With modern detergents there is no need to wash at high temperatures, and cool washing saves energy, and money. If washed at high temperatures, shrinkage will occur
  • Do not soak
  • Do not use bleach – it is harmful to the environment too
  • Line dry or tumble dry

Microfibre can be washed at high temperatures where necessary, such as in healthcare situations. When washed at high temperatures some shrinkage will occur