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Our Best Selling Microfibre Products

The EcoWipe is our go-to cloth for commercial use. The  Premium 300 gsm comes in a choice of 12 colours and is widely used in many industries and applications.

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Product Categories

As a leader in the design, development and manufacture of microfibre products Paragon Microfibre is at the forefront in this industry with a wide and ever growing range of products.


In addition to our wide range of microfibre cloths and...
10 products


We've been the leading innovators in the design and development...
16 products


For when maximum protection against cross contamination is required then...
3 products

Microfibre Towels

We manufacture a range of towels including drying towels, bath...
13 products

Mitts & Pads

We are the leading manufacturer of vehicle wash mitts &...
7 products


Designed to our exacting specification, our floor mops are flexible...
9 products

Products By Industry

Our microfibre products are used across many different industries and applications.

A Little About Us

Paragon Microfibre Ltd is a major manufacturer and distributor of ultra microfibre products. We have been specialists in this market for over 25 years now in the UK and have a wealth of experience and product knowledge in this specialised area.

Over the years we have increased our product range as new technologies and manufacturing processes became available. We specialise in these products and have a deep product knowledge that is well known within the industry. The fact that we specialise enables us to keep up to date with the wants and needs of a very broad spectrum of customers. We have a clear understanding of what is important to the end user in the quality they expect and the price they want to pay.

(We only accept reviews from verified customers)