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Detailing Products

Our microfiber cleaning cloths come in a variety of sizes & different weaves. Our Larger cloths are perfect for those looking to clean their entire car with one cloth. In addition, all our cloths are super soft & highly absorbent, making them great for wiping down panels and soaking up moisture.

Our car-drying towels are incredibly absorbent and super quick to dry. This means they can dry a vehicle faster and more effectively than cotton towels reducing the risk of water spots & streaks. You can use them for all vehicles, including cars, vans, boats and others. In addition, all our towels are highly durable and can withstand hundreds of uses and washes.

All our microfibre car wash mitts are highly absorbent and can hold much more water & soap than traditional sponges, making them perfect for cleaning and removing dirt and grime from your car. Our car wash mitts are gentle and delicate on surfaces thanks to their super soft fibres. Their smooth texture prevents scratches and swirl marks, unlike traditional sponges. Also, all our car wash mitts are made of high-quality materials. They may cost more upfront than a sponge. However, they're designed to last and can be used hundreds of times and washed, making them more cost-effective in the long run.

Our microfibre car cleaning products will protect the finish of your vehicle. The soft fibres won't scratch or damage the paint, so you can use them confidently. Furthermore, our microfibre cleaning products can be washed and reused hundreds of times, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Generally, microfiber car cleaning products are a must-have for any vehicle owner who wants to keep their vehicle in tip-top shape. In addition to trapping dirt and debris, these cleaning products are gentle on your car's finish and reusable, making them an excellent investment for your car's value and appearance.

What are the best products to clean the interior of a car?

We offer a wide range of products designed for both exterior and interior to keep your car shining. Most of our cloths and towels will work perfectly inside your vehicle. However, for interior screens, we recommend our optical-quality glass cloth. This ultra-split glass cleaning cloth creates a super soft material for sensitive screens. We also supply an interior scrubbing pad with bristle-like fibres that reach deep into stains & grime, whilst on the other side, a soft terry finish that you can use to apply protective coatings, car polish, glazes, gloss etc. These two high-performance items are essential car detailing products to clean your vehicle.

Glass Cleaner

We recommended our fishscale, the next-generation glass cloth for external glass windows. This incredibly easy-to-use cloth has fish-like scales, designed to remove grime and dirt with ease. Glass cloths are essential for a streak-free finish. Glass cloths are more to polish rather than clean. To achieve a flawless surface, it is vital to have glass cloths. These cloths are primarily utilised for polishing rather than cleaning. Nevertheless, our microfibre fishscale cloths can perform both tasks with their robust fish-scale design. Further, they are more sensitive than conventional microfibre cloths and have a lower absorption rate that makes them simple to wash, preventing the formation of streaks. Our glass cloth is a specialist car care product, supplying everything you need for a smear-free finish. 

Must have car wash product?

Our microfibre wash mitts enable you to apply your car shampoo with ease. Our premium microfibre wash mitts are widely regarded as the finest available. The key benefits of our mitts include the following:

  • Their impressive water retention.
  • Exceptional cleaning power thanks to the microfibre material.
  • The deep pile design lets them easily remove dirt and grime from all nooks and crannies.

Additionally, their superbly soft texture ensures optimal care for delicate paintwork by minimising the risk of scratching.

Must have car cleaning accessory?

Our Vacuum hose protector. This quality car care product stops marks and harm, can be easily instated and removed, and has a suede texture to prevent sand or dirt from attaching. It is created to fit on the hoses of popular canister-style vacuums, measures 5 meters in length, and can be washed up to 500 times. Additionally, it is exceptionally gentle and light in weight.

Award winning products

We’ve been the leading innovators in the design and development of microfibre cloths for over 20 years.

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