Microfibre Drying Towels

Serviettes de séchage en microfibre

Trouvez la bonne serviette de séchage en microfibre pour votre voiture. Nous proposons diverses serviettes de séchage en microfibre dans plusieurs tailles et des remises en gros incroyables. Si vous avez besoin de votre étiquette de marque, nous proposons également ce service. Contactez-nous maintenant.

Our Microfibre Towels

Diamond Weave Drying Towel

Our top-of-the-line 500GSM Diamond Weave Drying Towel is unrivalled in the market for its efficiency. Among all our towels, it boasts the highest absorption capability. It utilises a sandwich method, incorporating three layers of super absorbent microfiber. If you are searching for a premium drying towel, this is the ideal product. A towel that absorbs well does not necessarily have to be thick and velvety. Besides, using a non-fluffy drying towel makes rinsing, cleaning, and wringing out much more effortless.

Heavyweight 1000GSM

This plush, velvety towel is of exceptional quality and is employed in the automotive industry to buff, wipe, dry, and perform top-notch polishing. Its thickness, which is measured at 1,000 gsm, makes it effortless to eradicate any substances from all kinds of surfaces. Furthermore, the towel boasts high dust retention and absorption of water thanks to its super soft deep pile.

Twisted Loop 

The Twisted Loop drying towels we offer are specifically designed to efficiently and effectively dry various surfaces. They are created using a special weaving technique that results in a one-of-a-kind twisted loop pattern on the fabric, making them unique and more absorbent. If you are seeking a dependable and durable towel capable of handling challenging drying tasks, twisted loop drying towels are an excellent choice. Made from high-quality materials, they can endure frequent use and washing. These towels remain soft, absorbent, and retain their texture even after multiple washes. In addition, they are versatile and practical for any use in a house, car, or office. The towels are reasonable in price, simple to use and maintain, and surpass traditional towels' drying performance. Whether you are looking for a towel that can handle heavy-duty cleaning tasks or one that is gentle enough for delicate surfaces, a twisted loop drying towel is the perfect choice.

Terry 450 GSM

Our microfibre terry cloth weighing 450GSM stands out as it features dual textures. One side is soft and fluffy, great for drying, while the other has a tighter weave ideal for cleaning. This versatile cloth's two different finishes make it adaptable to various applications. Its larger 60 x 90 cm size is perfect for the automotive sector, while the 40 x 40 cm version is suitable for any task that requires a gentle, highly absorbent cloth.

Waffle Cloth

Our absorbent waffle weave towels excel in drying tasks due to their unique pattern that allows for efficient water absorption and retention. Their effectiveness is ideal for use as car or boat towels, swiftly drying surfaces with minimal effort. Furthermore, the waffle fabric makes it simpler for washing, ensuring easy cleaning after use.

Best car drying towel? 

We would recommend our diamond weave.  Diamond weave is a highly effective and safe solution for drying your car after washing it.

It is considered one of the best options available for car cleaning enthusiasts who want to get the best drying results while ensuring that the process is scratch-free and streak-free.

The diamond weave towel is designed with a special texture that maximises the surface area contact between the towel and the car's surface. This allows the towel to absorb more moisture and dirt particles, ensuring that the car is left spotlessly clean after the process.

The effectiveness of the diamond weave towel is attributed to its unique fabric composition, which allows it to trap and absorb moisture efficiently. You won't have to spend a lot of time trying to dry your car since the drying process is much quicker with this towel. This makes it the best option for anyone who wants to get the job done in the shortest time possible.

Additionally, the diamond weave towel is soft and gentle on the car's surface, which means that it won't cause any scratches or damage the paintwork.

The diamond weave towel is also safe to use and ensures that your car is streak-free after the process. Some towels can leave behind water streaks that require extra work to remove, but that's not the case with the diamond weave towel. Its composition ensures that the towel's fibres don't leave any marks on the car's surface, making it the perfect solution for all your car cleaning needs.

It also ensures that the towel doesn't transfer any dirt particles onto the car's paint, which means that the car remains clean and spotless. In conclusion, if you're looking for a safe, effective, and scratch-free way to dry your car after washing, then the diamond weave towel is your best option. Its unique fabric composition maximises surface area contact, making it easy to absorb moisture and dirt particles quickly. It also ensures that your car is streak-free and safe to use, and it won't cause any damage to the paintwork. So, ditch that old towel you've been using and invest in a diamond weave towel for all your car cleaning needs.

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