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Serviettes en microfibre

Informations supplémentaires sur les serviettes en microfibre

Les serviettes en microfibre sont incroyablement absorbantes par rapport aux serviettes en coton traditionnelles. Par exemple, nos serviettes en microfibre peuvent contenir jusqu'à sept fois leur poids en eau. Le résultat est qu'ils vous sècheront rapidement, vous ou n'importe quel objet.

Nos serviettes sèchent également très rapidement. Les serviettes en microfibre sont conçues pour sécher rapidement grâce à leurs matériaux, leur structure et leurs techniques de fabrication uniques. Les fibres sont densément emballées, créant une grande surface pour absorber l'humidité. Lorsque ces serviettes sont essorées, les fibres libèrent l'eau rapidement. Ainsi, vous pouvez essorer nos serviettes de plage en microfibre jusqu'à ce qu'elles soient sèches à 90 %. Nos serviettes de plage en microfibre sont disponibles en plusieurs tailles et couleurs. Nous fournissons une grande serviette en microfibre de 100 x 200 cm, idéale pour la plage.

Nous fournissons toute une gamme de serviettes en microfibre, y compris nos serviettes de coiffure en microfibre . Ces serviettes à cheveux sont parfaites pour les salons, bien plus efficaces que les serviettes en coton conventionnelles et peuvent absorber jusqu'à quatre fois plus d'humidité. Ces serviettes sont également résistantes à l'eau de Javel et aux taches. Nos serviettes pour cheveux en microfibre sont disponibles en paquets pratiques de cinq.

Nos serviettes de bain en microfibre sont un autre article très populaire que nous fournissons. Nous les proposons en trois tailles différentes et sept couleurs. Notre serviette à cheveux en microfibre de 100 x 50 cm est parfaite pour une utilisation à la maison, mais elle est aussi d'une taille si pratique qu'elle est extraordinairement polyvalente et peut être utilisée pour toutes sortes de travaux. Y compris faire un grand torchon si besoin est. Nos serviettes de bain et draps de bain sont cependant parfaits pour un usage quotidien après votre douche ou votre bain quotidien. Ces serviettes de bain en microfibre sont fabriquées à partir de tissu de 400 g/m², ce qui en fait une serviette légère, moelleuse et très absorbante.

Properties of microfibre towels

Absorbency: The tiny fibre creates a large surface area, drawing moisture and holding onto it. 

Quick Drying: Due to their unique structure. This fine structure allows more contact points with water, facilitating speedier evaporation. 

Softness: The tiny fibres and polyamide content makes them smooth and soft to the touch, providing a luxurious feel to the skin. 

Lightweight: Our microfibre sports towels are super light and can compact into a small size, making them perfect for travelling, beach towels and swimming towels. 

Differences between microfibre towels and regular cotton towels

Microfibre has superior absorbency compared to cotton towels. When wet, microfibre uses capillary action, which draws in moisture. Also, they can hold up to several times their weight in water, while cotton towels have a lower absorbency rate.
Microfibre towels dry much faster due to their tiny fibres, which create a larger surface area. The fine fibres in microfibre towels promote quick evaporation, aided by their thin and breathable structure. Cotton towels, on the other hand, are generally thicker and denser, which slows down the drying process.

Why microfibre towels are ideal for travel and outdoor activities

Our towels are perfect for travelling and outdoor activities because they are lightweight, quick-drying, and compact. Their lightweight nature makes them easy to carry in backpacks, suitcases and gym bags. They are highly compressible and take up minimal space when folded or rolled up. This allows you to maximise your packing space and fit other essentials in your bag.

How to choose the best microfibre towel?

Factors to consider when buying a microfibre towel

Consider the size and thickness of the towels. The towels come in various sizes, so choose the one you're intended to use.
Purpose and intended use determine the specific purpose and use of the towel. Are you buying it for travel, gym, workouts, swimming or cleaning/drying? All our towels have different features and designs for specific uses.

Different sizes and colours available in microfibre towels

We've got many different sizes, colours and types of towels available. We have microfibre beach/sports, bath, hair, and drying towels. All are available in a variety of colours and sizes.

The importance of lightweight and compact microfibre towels for travel

When travelling, space is often limited. A Lightweight, compact travel towel will take up far less room than the traditional cotton towel. Their ability to be folded or rolled tightly maximises your packing space, whether you're backpacking or going on holiday. Also, they are extremely light, so if you're exploring, you can comfortably have your towel with you knowing it's not adding excessive weight.

Options for prints and designs on microfibre towels

All our products are available for custom branding and designs. However, the minimum order quantity is between 2,000 and 6,000 pieces per colour, depending on size and product. If you require a shade we do not already produce; the quantities can increase again, depending on the size and type of product.

On ordering your bespoke products, we will need the artwork for your label (we do not provide this service), and the Pantone colour is different to our stock colours. If you order colour from stock, we assume you have bought and sampled a cloth from us and are happy with the colour.

The durability and resistance of microfibre towel fabric

High-quality microfiber towels are incredibly durable due to their lint-free properties, unlike other materials like cotton, which release fabric lints. This may seem harmless at the start, but after long periods, this towel is slowly breaking down and becoming weaker and weaker.

How to care for and wash microfibre towels?

Please ensure you wash our darker colour towels on their own on the first couple of washes, as the dye may bleed.
We recommend washing our towels at around 40 degrees Celsius. We make our towels of the highest quality fabrics, which allows washing up to 95 degrees Celsius. However, shrinkage will occur in the initial few washes, up to 5%. Also, our towels can be tumbled-dried, which can be beneficial as it opens the fibres. Finally, unlike most microfibre towels, our threads will not burn at elevated temperatures.
Fabric softeners/conditions can be used when washing our microfibre towels.

What are the different uses of microfibre towels?

Using microfibre towels for swimming and beach activities

Using a microfibre towel for swimming and beach activities is highly beneficial. Our suede towel is designed for this specific use. It's super lightweight, dries quickly and is sand resistant. It repels sand, unlike other towel materials.

Benefits of microfibre towels for sports and gym workouts

Our suede towel is also great for the gym because of the abovementioned benefits. It also comes in a handy size of 90 x 45, so you don't have to carry a big towel. They are highly absorbent and great for wiping sweat and drying you off after your shower. Thanks to their lightweight and compatibility, you barely realise you carry a towel.

Using microfibre towels for yoga and meditation practices.

Placing a microfibre towel over your gym mat can have many benefits. Our suede towels are highly absorbent and can effectively wick away sweat during intense yoga or meditation sessions. The suede material is quite a grippy surface, so that they can be slip resistant. Also, our towels offer a soft and cushioning texture that can enhance your comfort.

Using microfibre towels for hair drying

Microfibre towels are exceptional and absorb moisture. This makes them a perfect choice for hair drying. Hairdressers must have towels that can absorb water quickly.

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