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Chiffons microfibres pour voitures

Il n'y a pas de bon détail sans chiffons en microfibre, et nous stockons une large gamme de produits en microfibre, y compris un certain nombre conçus spécifiquement pour l'industrie automobile. Nous les avons tous si vous avez besoin d'une serviette de séchage en microfibre, d'un chiffon de nettoyage de voiture ou d'un applicateur de vernis. Nous proposons également une large gamme d'accessoires en microfibre pour vos besoins automobiles. Votre kit de nettoyage doit inclure des chiffons en microfibre comme élément essentiel.

  • Chiffons en microfibre de qualité supérieure (300 g/m²)

    À partir de 6,18 £

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  • Chiffons sans couture en tricot perlé (360 g/m²)

    À partir de 13,62 £

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  • Tissu éponge sans couture en microfibre

    À partir de 23,94 £

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  • Polaire Sans Couture Microfibre Super Douce - Paquet De 36

    À partir de 27,54 £

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  • Chiffons de verre en écailles de poisson (300 g/m²)

    À partir de 10,14 £

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  • Chiffon en microfibre pour verre/fenêtre

    À partir de 9,54 £

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  • Tissu de verre de qualité optique

    À partir de 17,34 £

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What are microfibre cloths and why are they popular for car cleaning?

Microfibre cloths are superior cleaning cloths designed to be the best. They have many benefits which are perfect for car cleaning. Their absorbency and quality microfibre material make them ideal for detailing and drying your vehicle. They are considered reusable professional-grade tools, making them a premium choice for any car enthusiast. Our cloths easily clean your car without leaving any dirt or residue behind, making them an excellent investment. Their effectiveness in removing dirt and dust from any surface is unmatched. They are gentle on car paint and are perfect for wiping down car interiors or spot cleaning. To ensure your car stays looking and feels new, use microfibre cloths. 

Microfibre cloth vs regular cloth – what's the difference?

Microfibre cloths are great to use dry as the tiny fibres create a positive static charge which draws in dust & dirt. Unlike cotton cloths which make a negative charge, which pushes dust and dirt away. When wet, the microfibres uses capillary action, which draws in moisture.

What makes a good microfibre cloth for car cleaning?

To choose the correct microfibre cloth you need to figure out what you need from it. If you need a multipurpose which is durable which can clean, buff and polish, you need a pack of seamless pearl knit cloths. For window cleaning you need a cloth specifically designed for glass. For exterior glass you need a fishscale cloth and interior our super soft optical cloths. For car drying we have a whole range of drying towels are absorbent and essential for detailers. 

How do you properly use a microfibre cloth for car cleaning?

You can use the cloth like you would use a wash mitt or sponge. Dip the cloth in bucket and wring it out of excess water. Fold the cloth into quarters or use a multi-sided cloth, providing several clean surfaces to work with. Begin wiping the car's exterior surfaces in gentle, circular motions. You can use the cloth damp or slightly moistened, depending on the specific cleaning task.

How do you clean and care for microfibre cloths?

We recommend washing our cloths at around 40 degrees Celsius. We make our cloths of the highest quality fabrics, which allows washing up to 95 degrees Celsius. However, shrinkage will occur in the initial few washes, up to 5%. Also, our cloths can be tumbled dried, which can be beneficial as it opens the fibres. Finally, unlike most microfibre cloths, our threads will not burn at high temperatures. 

Please do not use any fabric softeners/conditions when washing our cloths. Fabric softeners/conditions will leave a coating on fabrics, preventing the microfibres from working efficiently. 

We would only recommend throwing away one of these cloths when you have cleaned a mess with sticking or glue-like substance or those that are extremely dirty. To prevent accidental damage to a surface, you are cleaning. 

What are the best microfibre cloths for car cleaning?

Top 5 best microfibre cloths for car cleaning

  1. Pearl Knit seamless - extremely durable and perfect for cleaning
  2. Premiums - highly absorbent and super soft
  3. Microfibre terry - edgeless technology and in packs of 36
  4. Seamless Fleece - incredibly soft cloth for very sensitive paintwork
  5. Microfibre fishscale - perfect for windscreen cleaning

What are the benefits of premium microfibre cloths for car cleaning?

Premium cloths contain a mix of 70% polyester & 30% polyamide. The polyamide content is what makes the cloths 'premium'. The higher the polyamide content, the more absorbent and softer the fabric is. Therefore, we have designed this cloth to reach the highest amount of polyamide possible. If we were to add more, it would become too weak and break down. 

Also, we have designed these cloths with a high splitting ratio, called 'ultra-spilt'. After the ultra-split process, the fibres are 1/300 the thickness of human hair, producing an incredibly soft material. Our super soft and extra-dense fibres are much more absorbent and superior at picking up bacteria, dust, dirt and grime, which makes this cloth perfect for hundreds of uses. 

Why are some microfibre cloths more expensive than others?

microfiber cloths vary in price because of the quality and type of weave. Cloths like our pearl knit have a higher GSM content are made to using special machines to produce a super tight weave. 

Which microfibre cloths are best for polishing your car's exterior?

We recommend our Super soft Seamless for polishing, or we have microfibre polish applicator pads

Can microfibre cloths be used to clean the interior of your car?

Yes, for interior screens and windows you need a super soft microfibre glass cloth. For interior plastic and general purpose premiums work the best. 

Why are microfibre cloths an essential tool in car cleaning and detailing?

  • Ideal for cleaning all grime
  • Can be washed and reused hundreds of time 
  • Incredibly absorbent 
  • Quick to dry 
  • Strong durability 
  • Streak free finish
  • Capillary action when used damp draws soiling into the cloth

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