Glass/Window Cloths

Chiffons pour verre/fenêtre

Découvrez nos chiffons en microfibre spécialisés explicitement conçus pour le nettoyage des vitres et des fenêtres. Chaque tissu offre une expérience unique à l'autre. Cependant, chaque tissu est bien adapté à tous les travaux brillants, en particulier les fenêtres et le verre automobile. De plus, ces chiffons assurent une finition sans traces avec un polissage idéal.

Additional Glass Cloth Information

Introducing our latest glass, window, and mirror cleaning innovation - The Fishscale Glass Cloths. Our latest cloth design is intended to be more potent than the usual weave glass cloth, thanks to its increased absorption capacity. Moreover, the fish scale patterns make removing stubborn dirt and grime effortless. Fishscale cloths are ideal for cleaning exterior and interior glass surfaces of various objects such as vehicles, buildings, boats, and aircraft.

Our glass cleaning cloths are designed to make cleaning windows, mirrors, and stainless steel a breeze, no matter the size or shape of the surface. Measuring at 80 x 60 cm, these cloths effectively remove streaks, smudges, and smears easily, leaving behind a perfect finish. These versatile cloths are ideal for cleaning a wide range of glass surfaces, freeing them from streaks, grease and. They also suit high-gloss surfaces, such as building windows, cars, motorbikes, boats, and hard-surface flooring.

Our high-quality traditional glass cloth is the perfect choice for brightwork surfaces, particularly windows and automotive glass. These cloths deliver exceptional results, leaving surfaces polished to perfection with a streak-free finish. These cloths effectively remove dust, fingerprints, and grease marks from glass surfaces. Glass cloths play a vital role in achieving a flawless and streak-free finish. Unlike regular cleaning cloths, their primary purpose is to polish surfaces. Our Glass/Window cloths, specifically designed for this task, can be used on any brightwork surface. These cloths are crafted from a delicate microfibre material, making them more gentle than traditional multipurpose cloths. Consequently, they have a lower absorption rate, but this attribute makes them easier to rinse, preventing unsightly smear marks. As a result, they are perfect for cleaning various high-gloss surfaces, such as building windows, cars, motorbikes, boats, hard-surface flooring, and more.

Our Optical Quality Glass Cloths are specifically designed for use on delicate and sensitive surfaces. The cloth is incredibly soft with an ultra-split fabric, making it perfect for use on items such as glasses, cameras, laptops, and mobile phones. We offer this cloth in three sizes: 15 x 15 cm, 40 x 40 cm, and 40 x 60 cm. The 15 x 15 cm dimension perfectly suits delicate surfaces like camera lenses, glasses lenses, laptops, and mobile phones. The 40 x 40 cm size suits small objects such as interior car screens, camera lenses, laptops, and mobile phones. On the other hand, our 40 x 60 cm size is a preferred choice for sommeliers and large, delicate glass pieces.

Microfiber cloths for glasses

We provide two options of microfiber cloths specifically designed for glasses. Our fishscale and optical cloths come in a convenient 15 x 15 cm size, each with unique characteristics. The fishscale cloth is a heavy-duty option recommended for environments with more dirt and grime, such as outdoor work or sports eyewear like goggles for skiing, biking, and sailing. On the other hand, our optical cloths are much softer and finer, making them ideal for cleaner environments and delicate glasses that require a gentler touch.

Produits primés

Nous sommes les principaux innovateurs dans la conception et le développement de chiffons en microfibre depuis plus de 20 ans.

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