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What are microfibre cloths and why are they important?

Les chiffons en microfibre sont parfaits pour le nettoyage. Généralement, ils sont constitués d'un mélange de polyester, de polyamide et de nylon. Plus la teneur en polyamide est élevée, plus le tissu sera doux. En conséquence, le chiffon a d'excellentes propriétés d'absorption et d'élimination de la saleté sans être abrasif. De plus, les serviettes en microfibre sont idéales pour nettoyer, épousseter, polir et essuyer les déversements en raison de leur capacité à ramasser la poussière et la crasse plutôt que de les pousser dans la pièce. En raison de leurs fibres ultra-fines.

Notre gamme se compose de chiffons à usage général jusqu'à des chiffons spécialisés spécifiques. Alors tout ce dont vous avez besoin, nous l'aurons, ou nous pouvons le faire !

Nos chiffons de nettoyage en microfibre sont parfaits pour nettoyer, polir et essuyer les meubles et les surfaces dans les cuisines, les salles de bains et les véhicules. Ces chiffons très absorbants peuvent facilement absorber l'humidité, la saleté, la poussière et la graisse de diverses surfaces. Notre matériau en microfibre est fabriqué avec la plus haute qualité possible, ce qui rend nos chiffons si efficaces que neuf fois sur dix, aucun produit de nettoyage n'est nécessaire. Ajoutez juste un peu d'eau. De plus, ils sont lavables en machine et vous pouvez les réutiliser.

What makes microfibre cloths different from other cloths?

Microfibre cloths are great to use dry and wet. When used dry the fibres create a positive static charge which draws in dust, dirt and lose particles. Unlike other materials like cotton which make a negative charge, which pushes dust & dirt away. When wet, the microfibre uses capillary action, which draws in moisture.  

What are the benefits of using microfibre cloths?

  • Reusable
  • Super absorbent 
  • Streak free finish 
  • Quick drying 
  • Cloths are super soft, suitable for sensitive work
  • Ultra fine fibres 
  • Cost-effective
  • Washed and reused
  • Machine washable

Are there different types of microfibre cloths available? 

There are many different types of microfibre cloths available, mainly down to the different types of weaves or higher gsm count. Weave have numerous cloths available with short pile weave. This is the most common type of microfibre cloth, you would have most likely seen these in supermarkets. These cloths are made for scrubbing and removing dirt and grime from surfaces. There are also plush weave, which is a longer denser piles like our 1000gsm, these are much softer making them perfect for sensitive surfaces and absorbing moisture. These are the two most common but we have many more as discussed on our blog post

How should I take care of my microfibre cloths?

We recommend washing our cloths at around 40 degrees. We make our cloths of the highest quality fabrics, which allows washing up to 95 degrees. However, shrinkage will occur in the initial few washes, up to 5%. Also, our cloths can be tumbled dried, which can be beneficial as it opens the fibres. Finally, unlike most microfibre cloths, our fibres will not burn at elevated temperatures.

Please do not use any fabric softeners/conditions when washing our microfibre cloths. Fabric softeners/conditions will leave a coating on fabrics, preventing the microfibres from working efficiently. However, you can use fabric softeners/conditions on our microfibre bath towels. 

We recommend throwing away one of these cloths when you have cleaned a mess which consists of a sticking or glue-like substance or those that are extremely dirty. To prevent accidental damage to a surface, you are cleaning.  

What should I look for when buying microfibre cloths?

How many microfibre cloths should I buy?

Consider the task at hand, are you a cleaning company, automotive business or just trying to keep your house clean. For glass and windows you will need cloths specifically designed to create a streak free finish. For normal cleaning like scrubbing and cleaning up spills a pack of general purpose cloths will be fine. For drying a couple or one microfibre drying towel will be perfect. 

What are the different uses of microfibre cloths?

Many cloths are designed to be used for a specific use or task. Including windows/glass, sensitive surfaces, automotive use, drying, multipurpose, anti-bacterial, polishing and more. 

Should I choose a pack of 50 microfibre cloths?

Yes, a box of 50 reusable microfibre cloths is incredible useful to have around the house, office, car boot, garage and any area prone for spills and accidents. 

Where can I buy high-quality microfibre cloths?

We supply a range of high quality microfibre cloths available in multiple colours including, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Grey, Brown, Orange, Pink, Purple, White & Black. If you need high quality colour coding cleaning our microfibre premiums would be best. Click here to see our range of premium multipurpose cloths

How to use microfibre cloths to clean different surfaces?

How do I use microfibre cloths to clean my car?

After rinsing the car, prepare your bucket with car shampoo. Take your cloth and wet it in the bucket, then start car cleaning the exterior. For a faster more effective clean, its better to use a microfibre wash mitt which is designed to clean cars. After washing the car, take a clean and dry microfibre towel to dry wet the surface. A high quality microfibre drying towel will enable you to remove any remaining water droplets. For the interior use a mixture of super sensitive glass cloths for interior screens and multipurpose cleaning cloths. We also supply interior scrubbing pads which help remove stains from fabric. Discover why microfibre technology is essential to keep your vehicle pristine.

What is the best way to use microfibre cloths to clean windows?

Gather your cleaning supplies, 9 times out of 10 you will not need to chemicals to clean your glass, only water. First of, wipe a dry cloth across your windscreen to remove remove ands loose dirt and dust, remember to wipe the sills and frame. Damp the cloth and fold it into to quarters and begin wiping down the window. Ensure you pay close attention to stubborn spot or smudges. 

Can I use microfibre cloths to clean furniture and kitchen surfaces?

Yes, our cloths are ideal for cleaning kitchens and furniture. 

Do I need any cleaning products when using microfibre cloths?

Most cleaning jobs you will not need chemicals if you are using a high-quality microfibre cloths. The best practice is to try without chemicals first and if you feel its to stubborn then you can try with chemicals. 

How do I remove dirt and grime from my microfibre cloths?

Microfibre will hold onto dirt and grime until washed. We recommend washing our cloths around 40 degrees celsius. However, they can withstand temperatures up to 95 degrees celsius, be aware shrinkage will occur in the initial few washes, up to 5%. Our cloths can be tumble dried, which can be beneficial as it opens then fibres. Do not use fabric softeners/conditions.

What are the advantages of using microfibre cloths for cleaning?

Are microfibre cloths better than traditional cloths for cleaning cars?

Yes, they are far superior, due to their amazing cleaning powers. Their ability to collect up dust, dirt, and grime so effortlessly, it what makes these cloths better. Also, their ability absorb up 4 times their own weight in water is an exceptional quality you wind find from other cleaning cloths. 

Can I reuse microfibre cloths after washing?

Yes, once your cloths have dried they are ready to be used again, they also dry fast, which is a nice bonus. 

How many times can I reuse a microfibre cloth?

Most of the cloths in our range can be reused hundreds of times. Our more affordable cloths like our EcoWipes can be laundered up to 300 times, where our premiums can be laundered over 500 times. 

Are microfibre cloths suitable for sensitive surfaces such as bodywork?

Yes, here are our recommended cloths for your cars bodywork.

What are the different colours of microfibre cloths available?

We have many colours available, Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Grey, Pale Blue, Red, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Pink, Purple and White.

Can I order microfibre cloths online?

Yes, all our products are available to purchase on our website for home delivery. 

How long does delivery usually take?

All mainland UK orders are sent out on a next working day delivery service. However, the order needs to be placed before 2.00 PM. 

Investing in high-quality microfibre cloths is a decision that proves to be beneficial in the long run when it comes to cleaning different surfaces without the use of harmful chemicals. Whether you're cleaning your car, windows, furniture, or even your kitchen, microfibre cloths offer a unique and efficient way to get the job done.

While they may seem like a simple product, it's important to understand what to look for when selecting microfibre cloths and know how to properly use and care for them to ensure their longevity.

By familiarising yourself with microfibre cloths, their advantages, you can elevate your cleaning game and achieve a streak-free and polished finish without any hassle.

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