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Microfibre Mops

Ideal for cleaning any hard flooring, whether it be wood, laminate or stone.

The microfibre mops are made from a mix of ultra fine microfibre that will achieve maximum cleaning results.

The handle and base are made from aluminium for a longer life, they have a universal joint for easy use and attachment for the handle, the base is slim so it can clean under furniture etc.

What is a microfibre mop and why is it beneficial?

Efficiently clean your floors

Yes, microfiber mops are highly efficient at cleaning floors. Made of synthetic fibre which have exceptional absorbent properties. These fibres use capillary action when wet which draws in moisture, making them effective at absorbing spills and liquids. 

Dust & Dirt Trapping: Our microfibre dry mops create a large surface area to collect loose dust and dirt particles. When used dry our microfibre creates a static charge which draws in loose debris and holds onto them until washed, preventing them from spreading around the floor. 

Gentle & Soft: Our floor mops are non abrasive, making them perfect to use on various floors, including hardwood, laminate, tiles, vinyl and more. 

Non-linting & Streak Free: Our mops are lint-free so you wont have any loose fabric lints covering the floor after a clean. These mops also minimise the streaks, leaving your floors looking clean. 

Lightweight & extendable: Are handles are made from aluminium allowing for a super lightweight design with a 1 metre to 1.8 metre extendability. 

Remove dirt and grime effectively

To effectively remove dirt and grime, use a dry mop first to pick up any loose dirt and debris. Then take your damp mop and spray the floor with water or a cleaning solution and clean with the mop. Pay close attention to spills and tough stains. 

Laundered up to 500 times for long-lasting use

Reusable & Environmentally Friendly: Our Dry & Damp mops are durable and can be laundered up to 500 times. This reduces the need for disposable mop pads, making them more environmentally friendly.

High-quality material for a sparkling clean

Crafted with premium microfibre material, our mop is a powerful dirt and grime magnet. The fine microfibres create an expansive surface area that easily traps and lifts dust, dirt, and spills, leaving your floors spotless and gleaming after every use.

Easy to use and maintain

Our floor cleaning mop handles come with a universal joint making for an effortless attachment to our mop bases. The bottom of the has velcro strips which allow for easy mop head instalment. The mop heads are more significant than the base to allow good cleaning into the area where skirting meets flooring. 

How to choose the right microfibre mop for your needs?

Determine the type of floor you're cleaning and what your goal is

Our damp, dry and disposable are suitable for most floors, including hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl and more. Ideally you will need both a dry and damp. Use the dry to remove and dust and loose debris and then you use the damp with water or a cleaning solution.

Our disposable mops are great for where hygiene and sanitation are crucial, such as hospitals, medical facilities and area with high contamination risks. Also, they eliminate the need for washing and drying after use, which is a time saving advantage for busy businesses. However, its essential to consider the environmental impact, when compared to reusable heads. 

Consider the size of the mop head

When choosing a mop, it's important to consider the size of the mop head. A larger mop head can clean bigger areas more quickly, while a smaller mop head is better suited for tight spaces.

Look for additional features like extendable handle 

With an extendable handle, you can adjust the length of the mop to fit your height, which will make it more comfortable to use and reduce the need for bending while cleaning.

Where to buy microfibre mops?

Visit our website for a wide range of microfibre mops

Here we have a wide range of mops available to purchase to suit all your needs. Different colours and sizes to suit your specific cleaning task. 

Explore our product offering and select the perfect mop for your needs

Take advantage of our fast and reliable delivery options

We send out all orders within the UK mainland on a 24-hour delivery service. If you place your order before 2 PM, you should receive your item the following day.

How to effectively clean your floors with a microfibre mop?

Gently mop the floor with a dry head removing debris and dirt

Use your dry mop first to remove loose dust, dirt and debris. This will improve the efficiency of your clean. 

Prepare the floor by dampening it slightly

To effectively clean your floor, fill a spray bottle with water and spray the surface. These mops are designed to remove stains quickly. In most cases, you will only require water. Once the floor is damp, use a figure-eight motion while mopping to ensure that any collected waste is on the leading edge of the mop.

Remove tough stains with a gentle cleaning solution

It is recommended to mix a mild floor cleaning solution with water when dealing with tough stains. This will assist in effectively removing the stains. 

Ensure the mop head is clean and dry before storing

For your mop head to last longer and work better, cleaning and drying it before storing it is essential. We suggest washing our mops at about 40 degrees Celsius. Our mops are made of high-quality fabrics that can withstand washing up to 95 degrees Celsius, but expect some shrinkage in the first few washes, up to 5%. Our mops can also be tumble-dried to open up the fibres. Also, unlike most other mops, our microfibre threads won't burn at high temperatures.

Tips for maintaining and prolonging the life of your microfibre mop

Regularly wash the mop head to remove dirt and bacteria

We recommend you to wash your mops after each use, this will prevent dirt and bacteria build up. 

Allow the mop head to dry completely before storing

Letting the mop head dry completely before storing it to maintain cleanliness and prevent mould growth is essential. Ensuring the mop head is dried correctly will remain fresh, free of odours, and ready for future use.

Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach on the mop head

Residues from fabric softeners can cling to mop heads and hinder their ability to absorb water and clean surfaces. Additionally, the film left behind by softeners can attract dust and dirt, making it harder to clean. Bleach, on the other hand, is a harsh chemical that can cause damage to the fibres of mop heads, especially if they are made of delicate materials like microfiber. This can result in decreased absorbency and cleaning power.

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