• Commercial Cleaning

    The commercial cleaning sector is perhaps the largest part of our business, supplying all types and sizes of company from the largest cleaning products distributor to the smallest commercial cleaner.

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  • Automotive

    The Automotive sector is renowned for its wide use of microfibre cloths, towels and wipes. As a leader in the development of microfibre this sector is at our core in terms of product development.

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  • Domestic Cleaning

    Many of our products are perfect for use around the home. We have a wide range of microfibre cloths to help keep your house spotless. We offer general purpose, premium general purpose, glass/window and much more.

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  • Hair & Beauty

    As a major manufacturer of hair towels we know how good microfibre is at drying hair and absorbing moisture. We also know how soft microfibre can be when used on the skin, either for applying creams and lotions or for removing them.

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Microfibre Mops - Paragon Microfibre Ltd

Mop in microfibra

Ideale per la pulizia di qualsiasi pavimento duro, sia esso in legno,... 

Microfibre Applicator Pads - Paragon Microfibre Ltd

Tamponi applicatori in microfibra

Esplora la nostra gamma di tamponi applicatori in microfibra. Perfetto per tutti... 

About Us

Paragon Microfibre Ltd is a major supplier and distributor of ultra microfibre products. We have been specialists in this market for over 25 years now in the UK and have a wealth of experience and product knowledge in this specialised area.

Over the years we have increased our product range as new technologies and manufacturing processes became available. We specialise in these products and have a deep product knowledge that is well known within the industry. The fact that we specialise enables us to keep up to date with the wants and needs of a very broad spectrum of customers. We have a clear understanding of what is important to the end user in the quality they expect and the price they want to pay.