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Discover our range of world-class specialist microfibre cloths for any type of job. Do you work in the automotive industry or just clean your car? You can do it with professional, specialist cloths.

We’ve been the leading innovators in the design and development of microfibre cloths for over 20 years. We take great pride in offering perhaps the widest range of microfibre cloths currently available, from suede, pearl knit, and terry to fish scale and diamond weave. We also offer discounts for bulk offers and more.

  • EcoWipes - General Purpose (250 gsm)

    Our most affordable general purpose cleaning cloth

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  • Fishscale Microfibre Cloths

    Best weave and efficiency on glass and windows.

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  • Premium Microfibre Cloths

    High quality warp knitted microfibre cloth with a high (30%) polyamide content, producing a very soft, but versatile cloth.

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  • Microfibre Glass/Window Cloths

    This high-quality glass cloth is perfect for all brightwork, especially windows & automotive glass.

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More about our microfibre

Microfibre cloths are great cloths for cleaning purposes. Typically, they consist of a polyester, polyamide & nylon blend. The higher the Polyamide content, the softer the cloth will be. As a result, the cloth has excellent absorption and dirt removal properties without being abrasive. In addition, Microfibre towels are ideal for cleaning, dusting, polishing and mopping up spills due to their capacity to pick up dust and grime rather than push it around the room. Due to their ultra-fine fibres.

Our range consists of general-purpose cloths to specific specialist cloths. So whatever you need, we will have it, or we can make it! 

Our Microfibre cleaning cloths are perfect for cleaning, polishing and wiping furniture and surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and vehicles. These highly absorbing cloths can effortlessly pick up moisture, dirt, dust and grease from various surfaces. Our microfibre material gets made to the highest quality possible, which makes our cloths so effective that nine times out of ten, no cleaning products are needed. Just add a little water. In addition, they’re machine washable, and you can reuse them.

Award winning products

We’ve been the leading innovators in the design and development of microfibre cloths for over 20 years.

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