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Explore our range of high-quality microfibre towels. We are leaders in developing the best microfibre cloths and towels in the UK. High gsm and ultimate performance on drying and durability. Different colours and size options for bath towels and hair towels for salons. More than seven distinct colours.

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Additional Microfibre Towel Information

Microfibre towels are incredibly absorbent when compared to traditional cotton towels. For example, our microfiber towels can hold up to seven times their weight in water. The result is they will dry you or any object swiftly.

Our towels also dry super quickly. Microfibre towels are designed to dry quickly due to their unique materials, structure and manufacturing techniques. The fibres are densely packed, creating a large area to absorb moisture. When these towels are wrung out, the fibres release water quickly. As a result, you can wring out our microfibre beach towels to 90% dry. Our microfiber beach towels are available in multiple sizes & colours. We supply a large microfibre towel measuring 100 x 200 cm, which is excellent for the beach.

We supply a whole range of microfibre towels, including our microfibre hairdressing towels. These hair towels are perfect for salons, far more efficient than conventional cotton towels and can absorb up to four times as much moisture. These towels are also bleach- and stain-resistant. Our microfiber hair towels are available in convenient packs of five.

Our microfibre bath towels are another super popular item we supply. We supply these in three different sizes and seven colours. Our microfibre hair towel size 100 x 50 cm is perfect for use at home, but it is also such a handy size that it is extraordinarily versatile and can be used for all sorts of jobs. Including making a great tea towel if need be. Our bath towels & bath sheets, however, are perfect for everyday use after your daily shower or bath. These microfiber bath towels are constructed from 400gsm fabric, making a light, fluffy, and highly absorbent towel.

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We’ve been the leading innovators in the design and development of microfibre cloths for over 20 years.

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