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Paragon Microfibre Ltd

Microfibre Dog Towels (450 gsm)

Microfibre Dog Towels (450 gsm)

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Microfibre Dog Towel

When designing our microfibre dog towel, we ensured it was super soft and absorbent. As a result, our microfibre dog towel is four times more absorbent than traditional cotton towels making it incredibly efficient at drying your pet's coat quickly. It's also lightweight, making it perfect for travelling, even when absorbing moisture. Also, it's a super generous size of 140 x 70 cm, ideal for all pet sizes.   

What are the benefits of microfibre dog towels? 

Made from absorbent microfibre technology, these towels are designed to quickly dry your furry friend after a bath or a swim, making them a must-have for any dog owner. The ability to absorb more water than traditional towels, makes them super absorbent, allowing for quicker and more effective drying. The capillary action of the microfibres also helps to lift dirt and remove it from your pet's coat, leaving them feeling clean and refreshed. Another great advantage of microfibre dog towels is that they are washable, meaning that they can be used again and again, without losing their effectiveness.

Using a towel for dogs that is made from microfibre technology is a great way to keep your dog dry and clean. Unlike traditional towels, which can leave your dog feeling wet and uncomfortable, microfibre towels are able to quickly soak up any water left on your pet's coat, allowing them to dry much faster. This is especially useful for dogs that love to swim or get wet, as they can be dried quickly and effectively, without feeling damp for hours afterwards.

Our microfibre pet towels are also great for removing dirt and grime from your pet's coat. Thanks to their super absorbent nature, they are able to lift dirt from the fur and hold it within the fibres of the towel. This makes them much more effective at cleaning your dog than traditional towels, which can often just smear the dirt around the coat. By using our microfibre dog drying towel, you can ensure that your pet is clean and smells fresh, without the need for excessive bathing.

From their super absorbent qualities to their ability to remove dirt and grime, microfibre dog towels are an essential accessory for any dog grooming kit. They are also washable and can be used again and again, making them a cost-effective option for pet owners. If you want to keep your dog clean, dry and comfortable, then using our towel is the way to go.

Additional benefits:

  • Maximum absorption rate
  • Colour: Grey
  • 450 GSM 
  • Quick to dry
  • Lightweight
  • Soft Material
  • Capillary action
  • No nylon hem, which helps prevent scratching
  • Fabric softener can be used
  • Machine Washable
  • No snagging material

Microfiber Towel VS Cotton Towels

Our towels are made of a highly absorbent microfibre material that is much better at drying off wet pets. This material is four times more absorbent than regular cotton towels, meaning you can dry your pet much more quickly than you would be able to with a regular towel. Additionally, microfiber towels are fast-drying, which means you can use them multiple times in a day without having to wait for them to dry. If you have a muddy or wet pet, then our snugglesafe microfibre dog towel is a great choice. 

In comparison, cotton towels are not as absorbent as microfiber towels and take longer to dry, making them less practical for drying your pet. 

If you have a wet pet that needs to be dried quickly and efficiently, then the ultra-absorbent and fast-drying nature of microfiber towels is the way to go. Investing in a good quality towel will make the process of drying your pet much easier and more enjoyable for both you and your pet.

What does GSM mean? 

Grams per square metre (GSM) is the density of the microfibre product. No matter what type of weave or length of the pile a cloth has, the higher the GSM, the more suited it is to absorb moisture.

Lint-free microfibre

There's nothing worse than drying with a microfibre towel that leaves fabric lints everywhere. The cause of this is poor manufacturing. Microfibre fabric requires 'splitting', which breaks down the fibres allowing the material to become soft, delicate and absorbent. However, when the machinery & caustic soda splits the thread too much, the cloth will slowly break down and lint. We work with the highest graded machinery to ensure this does not happen with ours.

How to care for microfibre towels

We recommend washing our towels at around 40 degrees Celsius. We make our cloths of the highest quality fabrics, which allows washing up to 95 degrees Celsius. However, shrinkage will occur in the initial few washes, up to 5%. Also, our towels can be tumbled-dried, which can be beneficial as it opens the fibres. Finally, unlike most microfibre towels, our threads will not burn at elevated temperatures.

Fabric softeners/conditions can be used when washing our microfibre towels. 

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Paragon Microfibre Ltd

Microfibre Dog Towels (450 gsm)



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450 gsm

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We have been specialists in this market for over 25 years now in the UK and have a wealth of experience and product knowledge in this specialised area from

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